Monday, June 10, 2013

Dog Park

A couple weeks ago Michael found a dog park on Google Maps that is about ten minutes away from our house. We waited until yesterday to go, since Sasha was sick last week. When we got to the park, Sasha was doing her usual crazy loud barking at every dog and person she saw, from inside the car. For a few moments, Michael paused then asked me if this was a bad idea. We tried it anyway and when we were on the little path on the outside of the fenced in area, another dog came from the other side of the fence. Sasha ran up to that dog (still on her leash) and they quietly sniffed each other. At that point, we knew it would be fine. Before long all the other dogs were running up to sniff her butt, and vise versa.
Sasha kind of ran away from us most of the time- like an excited kid on the first day of kindergarten, ready to make new friends!- but we followed her around. However, she was good at coming back when Michael whistled for her. And for the first time, she was really eager to participate in playing fetch- for about 5 minutes. Next time I will probably bring the nice camera with the zoom lens, so I don't have to be really close to get a decent picture.

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