Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Close to Catalina

We're getting down to the grind. Six days until our trip to Catalina Island, Avalon Port, for my 26th birthday on Tuesday! In the words of Jim Gaffigan, "There's always a lot of pressure to have fun on your birthday." So I have to be sure to enjoy every second of our time there and not complain about how tired I am for getting up at 4am to make it to our boat in Long Beach by 6am or how cold the water is when we go kayaking and snorkeling- it should be fine since we will have wetsuits provided. It will be a really great trip and I look forward to telling you all about it in a week from now.  
(Photo below is from Google Images.)
Also, Monday was my 2-month "workiversary" with the alarm company. Can you believe it?! One more month and I will be qualified for medical and dental benefits. Woo hoo! And what better way to celebrate than with two nights off. Yesterday afternoon, Michael and I had lunch at Panera Bread, then saw the movie "Now You See Me" at AMC in Burbank. (The magic show where they break into the banks.) I thought it was really good; we both liked it a lot.

I don't talk too much about it and usually only give a simple "fine" every time Michael asks how my night was, but I really do enjoy my job. I am very thankful to even have my job and often say a thank you prayer each time I leave the grocery store, happy that I didn't have to resort to working as a cashier again, but instead getting the chance to further my "career" in communications and dispatch. Handling alarm calls is a really great alternative to working at 911 and like I said in my interview, calls from the alarm company were always my favorite to answer, when I was at 911. I enjoy the much lower stress level, the slower pace that allows me to write letters and read books, between the burglary and medical activations. The people I work with are really nice (although they keep switching to earlier shifts!) and living only six minutes away is super convenient.

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  1. Rachel! I just read all your posts from June! I am so glad you enjoyed your birthday in Catalina with Michael. I also can't believe that it has already been 2 months since you started working! I also love how you're looking forward to having benefits! Hopefully tomorrow (technically later today in my time zone) Zach will be getting a good news call from the interview he went to in GA (probably part of the reason I can't sleep currently, even though I have to be up in less than eight hours). I'm a very anxious person and this news will affect not only his life, but mine as well (it's all so exciting and nerve wrecking!)I'm glad you got to see Greg and meet new people. How awesome is it that his friend lives so close to you? Maybe you and Michael found a new couple to do couple-y things with? (Speaking of, you and Michael still owe me and Zach a Skype date!) I loved your little note to your daddy (and the shout out to Zachary was cute too!) Those kittens were super adorable and I wish you could've kept Cy (soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!) Make sure you keep updating us about the grass! I'm glad you have your blog this way I can see what you've been up to (having no Facebook is stress relieving and a lot easier than I thought) but it does make it more difficult to keep up with everyone's lives! Hope all continues to go up for you! Always in my thoughts and more recently prayers!