Sunday, April 9, 2017

Helton Creek Falls

   These pictures were taken on the Canon using the 50mm lens. This is probably the lens I would want Michael using when he takes pictures of me in the hospital when Emma is born. There are so many beautiful examples on Pinterest, especially ones in black and white. Look out for ours in about three months! ;) The first few photos below were taken by myself on the little path behind our cabin and the rest were taken at the end of our "neighborhood", at Helton Creek Falls:
  I really liked the simplicity of our living situation last week while we were in staying in North Georgia. The lack of cell phone service gave us extra time to sit and talk or work on small projects and read. Even when we ate, we reused the same two dishes -Michael used a plate and I used a bowl- and a few pieces of silverware. At home the dishes seem to pile up and sit in the sink or dishwasher, but at the cabin, we quickly rinsed or washed each item right after it was used so it would be ready again a few hours later. Michael didn't even watch TV until the last night while I finished my book by Naya Rivera and started another one ~ "Anchored" by Kayla Aimee.

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  1. Nice pics, noticeable focal points, and some distant focus shots. -D