Monday, September 12, 2016

Portraits ~ Wilder Family II

  Well, I have had a fabulous weekend!! On Friday, Michael and I went to Blizzard Beach, then that night my mom drove down and we went to Night of Joy and saw Francesca Battistelli and Chris Tomlin in concert. Saturday we spent our time at Magic Kingdom, riding the Carousel of Progress and meeting Princess Ariel before heading back to the Wide World of Sports for the second concert with Hillsong Young and Free, For King & Country (they were sooo good!!), and Newsboys. Yesterday morning my mom and I tried a breakfast cafe close to where Michael and I live, then I went to Plato's Closet. Apparently a few months ago the cashier charged my $60 Christmas gift card wrong/ didn't actually charge it and the amount just came off their computer (?), so it turns out I got those $57 worth of clothes for free, just got $11 worth of new clothes, and still have $48 left on my gift card!! Wooo hooo!! I hung out with Mia for six hours and we had a mini- twin photoshoot, wearing super comfy hippie outfits, ran errands, and she took me to Ethos Vegan Kitchen for dinner. I liked that place a lot.

  These pictures below were taken on Labor Day/ Daddy's 60th birthday after we all had lunch together.  I was trying to find the cotton field that my friends took pictures in a few years ago, but I guess its not the right season or someone else owns that land now. Still, we were able to find another nice field to take our sunset pictures by.
     You can see last year's family portraits here. Jacquie even used one of my pictures (the second to last one shown in that post) for their 2015 Christmas card! Look how much Peyton has grown in the past 10 and 1/2 months. Just when I think she can't get any cuter, she proves me wrong. My dad took a handful of pictures in the field on his iPhone 6S. He also took the one of me taking pictures with the Canon backpack on, but this one is my very favorite:

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  1. So beautiful (the pictures and photographer and models of course 😍)! I love that you capture Peyton in purest forms of joy! She looks like such a young happy spirit (even though she was tired and cranky some of the time)! Can't wait to have mommy and me photoshoots with you and me and are kiddos! Love you Racheeeee! ❤️