Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Replay Delay

   While going through all the wonderful pictures that Alana and I took last week, we realized that I barely posted any of the pictures from our great afternoon with Cody and all the horses in Tallahassee in July 2012. You can see Starpoint in some of these (the horse with black braids- the horse on the right in the first photo and in the Polaroid). So finally... *drum roll*... here they are!!
   I looked through these today and noticed that some of them were already edited. I'm sure I planned to post them when I should have, but got distracted and ended up posting more pictures of Miriam when I hung out with her a bunch before Michael and I moved to California. But you can see the six pictures that I did post in July 2012 here, here and here.
   Below are pretty flowers that Alana's mom had planted around the outside of their house. These photos were also previously edited. Sometimes I don't save the originals to save space on my laptop. But I still like these edits. Especially the "intrepid" effect on the little red and pink flowers.
** Fun Fact that I learned in a commercial we just saw: It would take 6 years of nonstop pedaling to bike to the moon! Interesting... Tonight, Michael and I left Clermont and drove to Orlando to stay with Mia for a week. Thank you to my super best friends for being such kind, generous hosts.

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