Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thin Obsession Reunion

  I have been wanting to go to Dudley Farms for a while, at least since I found out it existed. Who knew there was a cute pioneer area just 20 minutes from where we've been living! Now since I'm spending 19 days in Gainesville while Michael finishes Grinchmas in Orlando, I was able to plan this fun day with Mia, Sharanya, and Tonia. I call us the Thin Obsession Team, as Mia, Sharanya and Tonia were the actresses to my writing, shooting, directing, and editing, back in 2004 when I made the "movie trailer" for my TV Production class in 11th grade. I sure wish I could add a link riiight here. But since my only copy of the trailer is on a DVD now, I'm not sure how to get it back onto my computer to put it on the Internet. I watched it so often on the VHS, the audio got really messed up and jumbled and I don't want people to think I made it that way on purpose or that I think it sounds awesome like that.

  Here are my pictures from our lovely rainy time at Dudley Farms today:
  ^^ signing "water" into Mia's hand!
  ^^ volunteer, Bennett told us about the two wells on the property

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