Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lake Minneola

   On Monday, Michael and I drove down to Gainesville, Florida and spent the night at my parent's house. It was really great to see them again after seven a half months and finally meet my brother's girlfriend, Jacquie. We had a nice dinner together at home and the next morning we drove a little further down to Clermont, West of Orlando. Our friends, Cody and Alana, live there and have been wonderful to let us stay with them for a week while Michael works Grinchmas at Universal.
   After Michael left for work, Alana and I went to Lake Minneola, a few minutes from her house. (They have a nice five acre yard for her two horses, Squirt and Fancy. She had to give Star away when they moved. They also have two little dogs, Oliver and Penelope.) The lake was really nice and had very soft white sand. It was also a cute area where you can walk down the street to some old white houses, which have been turned into a library and post office.
   Alana went into the water first for some pictures and didn't warn me that it was cold, then I remembered that she isn't able to feel temperature, due to her spinal cord injury. Here we are being best friends, as usual. And now Alana is cooking me and Cody a delicious dinner of barbeque chicken, rice and green beans. Michael can get some left overs when he gets back- if there are any!

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