Saturday, February 18, 2012

You're a Mean One..

Michael has been working on a Grinch costume for AJ - on and off - for the past few months. He got it all finished last Saturday and we were able to have our photo shoot. It wasn't as elaborate as we once talked about - a few Who's and a Cindy Lou Who, all in front of a big Christmas tree. It became just a Grinch photo shoot mostly, with one Who (Angela) who was the DP - director of photography, in charge of setting up lighting for the BTS video that she made. Here are some pictures of Michael and AJ getting the Grinch fur added onto a cowl, back in November. I was asked not to post these pictures until the whole shoot had been completed. So finally, here they are ~

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  1. Very interesting . . .especially the gas mask! Is that a light on Michaels hat for better lighting? I also like the picture of all the paints. Looked like a fun shoot! :) xoxoxoxox