Friday, February 3, 2012

Stand-In Extraordinaire

The extended Blood Widow trailer came out earlier today. (The one before was a teaser.) I was able to watch in on break because one of the girls at my table brought her iPad. Although my anxiety to view its contents had been quenched, I enjoyed it the second time better - when I could increase the volume and pay more attention. I also really like it because.. I'm in it!! You don't see my face, but anyone can tell that it's obviously me. =)

I'm at 0:46 - over the shoulder, looking out the window. I was able to stand in as Blood Widow because Gabbie Henry (the actress who normally portrayed her) wasn't able to make it that day. Lucky for me, Gabbie and I are basically the same size. The shot after that in the journal includes my hand writing and rubbing-papers-into-the-dirt skills. At 1:08, you see a frail hand pick up a porcelain clown mask. That hand is mine. That was an insert shot that they needed to get after the actress, Kelly Kilgore (who plays Harmony) had gone home for the day. We haven't been informed yet when the premiere will be, but even more I'm excited now. *I have chosen to attach a self portrait of Ryan and myself from the middle of our three week shoot. I miss her already! I came up with a great idea of asking her if she wanted to hang out this weekend, before realizing her and Ben have left Orlando, destined for greater things. (Photo by Glen Stewart, Lighting Gaffer on Blood Widow.)

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  1. It is easy for your followers to feel the enthusiasm in your writing. We can tell you are invested in the blog and the background story. That makes for good writing, and a good read. The trailer was well done, and everything about the movie feels first-rate. -D