Sunday, March 31, 2013

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Due to the love and generosity of my parents, Michael and I signed up for the WWME, which took place last weekend in Arcadia, 26 miles East of us, near Pasadena. We got there early, around 3pm and Michael jumped in front of the TV- with cable, something he has gone without for the past three months. I automatically gave the hotel a thumbs up when they said it had a heated pool and free delicious cookies (sugar and oatmeal raisin)! We didn't have to sign in until 7pm, so Michael and I went to a Chili's down the street for dinner. Since I was still observing Lent, I had to get the plain cheese pizza, but it was very yummy.
We went back down to the lobby at 7pm, only to find out that the first meeting really didn't start until 8pm. We got our name tags and a picture taken then went back to the room for more TV. They gave us notebooks to write in and I brought different colored pens for variety. The second day was good and we got a break period, so after we dialogued and discussed, Michael and I walked around the little town for 30 minutes, holding hands and such. That was probably the best night for us and we went to Yogurtland after our last meeting.
By the third day, we were ready to go home once we woke up, but got through until 4:30pm when we drove home and picked up Sasha where she had been staying with Banks and Lacey. Once I eventually wrote my very long dialogue with the nine questions that really made us think, I loved hearing (and laughing about) Michael's answers and sharing my own. We don't dialogue every day like they suggested because we got burned out a little last weekend, but did two others this week and I'm hoping for another tomorrow.

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