Thursday, March 28, 2013

On the set of GLEE!! ♫ ♪

These pictures were taken almost three weeks ago, but I guess I've been too busying actually watching "Glee" to post them! It turns out that the Helen Bernstein High School where Reality Church holds it's services is where Glee shoots all of their outside lunchtime performances. See! (Photo via FOX.)
I had been there before, but didn't pay attention to this whole area because we were meeting our friend Banks for church at 9am, back in January. Another time Michael and Banks were talking about how much I like Glee and he said, "You know they film at Reality sometimes, right?" I must be the worst fan ever. I've probably walked by Lea Michele or Kevin McHale on the street without noticing them either! So earlier this month, Dawson and I went to checked out dance around the area before and after the 12pm service. Here are my photos:
I am unsure if there is a way to find out when they are filming here next. I would probably have to go to church every Sunday and wait to see if they post signs up saying "Property must be vacant by 2pm for filming". However, I would assume they are done filming this season. According to my quick research, they seem to film an episode six weeks prior to it airing. And I know they only have five episodes left before the summer break.

Here is the Glee Performance of "Hung Up" by Madonna, but covered by Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) in the "Diva" episode of the current/fourth season. I really liked this song and Tina barely gets any solos even though she was one of the original five Glee Club members. Plus it was a courtyard performance, so you can see these famous stairs in action!

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