Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wedding Craze! ♥

There is a lot of love going around these days. My friend, Tonia, got married a few weeks ago (on March 9th) and yesterday, Alana and Cody got engaged! It really makes me think a lot about when Michael and I got engaged and all the fun preparation that was done to get ready for our wedding, then enjoying our Honeymoon in the Bahamas. And since I didn't have my blog back then (regret for not at least documenting all the wedding prep), I think now would be a great time to reflect upon some of those beautiful memories:

♥ Saturday, September 25th, 2010:
Michael suggested we get dressed up and go to the Botanical Gardens in Orlando. It was really pretty and I had a fun time. After about an hour, Michael asked which area I liked the best. I picked the Cinderella stairs behind the Rose Garden. That's where he proposed. I cried a lot and he worried that meant "no". I don't know why I cried so much since I had been expecting it (we already had our wedding date set and he asked me informally all the time before). We celebrated with dinner at Ruth's Chris and they brought us a free dessert.
♥ October 2010 ~
The main reason these pictures were delayed a month was because I wanted to find a beachy dress that would look good for this "theme". Our friends, AJ and Adea, from our Full Sail class offered to take our engagement photos for free, so they would have "models" to shoot for their photography practice. Win/win! We took these at Cocoa Beach, the same place where Michael and I had our first important discussion about how we could see ourselves together forever.
♥ Friday, April 1, 2011 ~
I consider this to be a very important day for us as well: the day Michael and I graduated from Full Sail University with Bachelor Degrees. Michael and I met in July 2009, when we both started the film program and began dating a few weeks later, quickly falling in love soon after that. Here we are with my family and our friends Julie and her boyfriend, AJ (mentioned above).
♥ Saturday, May 7th, 2011 ~
After my Bachelorette Party, Bridesmaid Luncheon and Rehearsal Dinner (I was spoiled!) came our wedding day in Gainesville. Not much else needs to be said; it was lovely. Again, I wasn't expecting to suddenly break down crying, as my dad walked me down the church aisle, towards my "soup snake". I do wish the day had been able to last longer and slow down, so I also could have gone around and said hello to all our guests, thanking them for coming/flying in. That's what Michael did during part of the reception while I was dancing with my cousins.
These pictures were taken by the lovely, Christina Jobes. (Now, Christina Blitch, as she has also gotten married!) I am amazed at how great her photography skills have improved in the past couple of years- as well as her pricing, haha.

The following week ♥ May 2011 ~
Our Honeymoon at Sandals in the Bahamas was wonderful! I had such a fun and happy time. We loved getting breakfast sent to our room each morning and eating our fruit and bagels and omelets on the balcony. Then heading to the dock and sailing to the island 1/2 mile away where we had a cabana set up with our names on it. And when we went snorkeling and jet skiing and had our tiki-lit dinner along the shore! Oh, I would totally enjoy that vacation all over again.
The next big steps we plan on taking are pretty obvious, but we are excited.. #1, getting jobs, so we can save up to #2, buy a nice house and #3, have kids! Of course, that order is up to God. After all, none of this would have been possible without Him.

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  1. What a sweet post of reflection! I remember seeing you start crying when your dad walked you down the isle, that's when I lost it (watching you)! It was a really touching moment. I don't think I heard about your honeymoon before, it sounds fabulous! It makes me want to find a warm beach and lay out and go swim in clear water!! Aaah, summer. Just around the corner! :)