Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sweet & Hilarious

Michael suggested I buy these white key hangers to organize my necklcaes. I got them at Target for $6.99 each and Michael later set them up for me in the bathroom. One is next to the mirror over the sink and the other is next to the cabinet over the tiolet. I think they are placed very nicely. However, seeing this organization only makes me want more necklaces!!

I finally thought about capturing how high Sasha is able to jump. This "effect" can be seen when she meets someone new, when she is excited to see someone she hasn't seen in a while, or anytime we get up to let her outside. It is much easier now that we only have to open the door and she darts out. Compared to hooking her leash on, then holding on the stair rail so tight to make sure I don't lose my footing as Sasha drags me down three floors, like I constantly worried about at our old apartment. Just another perk to renting a house!
** I sure laughed a whole bunch when I saw these, but can't decide which one is funnier.
What do you think!? ** Average height = 23 inches.

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  1. Two posts in one. I like it! It would be funny to have Sasha jumping in a four-second video, looping over and over. In Sasha's second photo, it seems like she is closing the door with her paw, so she can keeping jumping for the camera! -D