Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Last weekend Michael was a gem and sat still through the Catholic Palm Sunday service at the Marriage Encounter, so I agreed that it would be fine to go to Reality today. They rent out The Hollywood Palladium on Sunset Boulevard every year for Easter to hold more people, so it was cool going there. (Also, the Nickelodeon Studio was right across the street.) The Palladium had blue lights along the ceiling and at least 10 beautiful chandeliers in the main concert hall area. The one in the lobby looked like it was made from a thick tree branch. Interesting!
At the end of the service, a couple people were handing out balloons. Probably to little kids. The balloons all said "The Victory", which I guess was the theme of the service. I'm not sure if its different each year. I'll have to keep you posted on that for next year. But I noticed that aside from white, the most popular clothing color choice mixed between salmon, peach and orange. I guess my mint wasn't as fashionable as Forever 21 said. It's still very pretty though.
Back at home we took a few family photos then Dr. Gore borrowed some oranges from the tree, which he enjoyed as part of his lunch. He also had leftover drumsticks, which Michael cooked last night. The rest of the evening has been spent calculating how much we owe in taxes and understanding why it's so important to have the employer take out more money in the first place.

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