Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Last night I was fighting off cravings since I've been trying to eat less. I was surprised that the more yummy meals I looked up on Pinterest and Foodgawker, the less hungry I got. Although my mouth glands were salivating. I wanted to show off what I threw together last night and today.

Without following any directions, I put the last piece of shake-N-bake chicken over a tortilla with mustard and ranch on a bed of lettuce with cream cheese. My only mistake was that I let the tortilla sit in the pan too long, so it didn't wrap, it only broke in half almost. It was okay. Perhaps the main reason of doubt came from how difficult it was to eat (while we watched End of Watch. Michael and I thought it was a very sad movie, especially at the end and the whole thing involved a lot of "F-words").
I had my Ralph's interview this morning. I usually think they go well, but I'm not the one who makes the final decision. I haven't heard back from Forever 21 yet. I don't know why, but after my interview I started feeling sick and had a pounding headache- the kind that painfully shakes your whole body with each step you take. So I spent most of the next six hours in bed. But by 7:30pm I got up and felt perfectly fine again.

Tonight I used this recipe as a guideline. I liked that it didn't require milk, since our 2% gallon had expired a few days ago. I only had one can of crescent rolls, but was able to follow the rest of the recipe just fine. After putting half of the crescent rolls (one sheet) at the bottom of a corning ware pan and cooking the sausage, I melted the cream cheese then mixed in the cut up sausage.
 This was also where I added the 3 eggs, scrambling them into the mix. The recipe didn't call for eggs, but if I'm making a breakfast dish, it has to have eggs! Then I added the rest of the shredded cheese that we had. Measuring is for wimps. I added the other cresent roll "sheet" on top of everything and cooked it for 25 minutes on 375*. After I pulled it out, even Sasha came into the kitchen, snooping. "What smells so good?"
No mistakes made there. It was very delicious. Although we don't have a 13x9 pan, I made it work! What do you think? Should I start a "look what I made" board on Pinterest with my own pictures? ;)
I asked Michael if I could get some cute plates at Goodwill. They would be different sizes and different designs. Perhaps that will motivate me to make new things so I can show them off in pictures on a cute little blue plate or a white one with pink hearts on the side- whatever I can find. I'll have to wait until next Tuesday though. I heard Goodwil gives you an extra 25% off that day!


  1. That food looks delicious! I am kind of jealous. It's funny that you make shake and bake chicken (your mom made that tonight). I can't wait to have my own kitchen where I will be able to experiment with food =)

  2. Looks yummy, Rachel. And you have some good ideas listed. Experimenting like this can be fun, and entertaining. Plus you get to eat the finished product. -D