Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Each Time I See a Tulip.. ✞

On Monday, I told Michael that I would like to go to the beach, but yesterday I felt that it was too chilly to be walking around with only a bathing suit and the weather was supposed to be the same today. Michael suggested we go to Descanso Gardens instead. I first heard of the place when the contestants on Season 3 of Face Off explored before an Alice in Wonderland challenge. But this first post is only going to be about my ultimate favorite part: the Tulip Garden!! ❀
It was located in a very pretty neighborhood in La Cañada Flintridge (in Glendale). Michael loved the houses. When we were walking from the car to the front gate, Michael smiled at me and said, "I love seeing you so excited. It makes me really happy." They have a big open -FREE- parking lot, so it was a great deal only having to pay $8/person. The white flowered trees were my favorite, but I haven't done enough research to know what they are called. Michael kept smelling the different flowers (especially when they were part of a tree) and told me which ones he wants to plant in the backyard, when we buy a house. I like talking about that.
I really liked the rose garden area too, it had a beautiful house, which doubled as a public restroom in the back. I took loads of pictures of that and will probably edit them next. After we walked around that area, Michael thought about how beautiful the city would be, if all of Los Angeles was made up of flowers and streams and trails. I would like it so much! Before we left, Michael was extra wonderful to take a bunch of pictures of me by the red tulips, since they reminded me of the poppy scene from The Wizard of Oz. If we go back another time, I'm dressing up like Dorothy! I took so many pictures of these gorgeous tulips, and honestly tried to narrow it down to just my very favorites for you. Nope, too many pretty pictures, to not show a bunch. Tulips are instantly my new #1 flower.
~ Happy first day of Spring ~
✞ Here is the last verse of a poem written by Linda Hogeland:
"Each time I see a tulip, My heart is drawn to Him
So I think I’ll plant more tulips, And let the praise begin!"

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  1. I LOVE those tulip pics!! Especially the red one that's up close, SO pretty! Are people planting tulips down in LA? People have them planted in their gardens here, which I think is super cool. That, and calla lilies are growing up here now. So pretty! Photos #5 and 6 are definitely my favorites... you could totally sell them for stock photos! :)