Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Skinny Slytherin Diaries

Just over a month ago, at the beginning of our Amicalola Falls vacation with Michael's family, I began eating smaller portions more often and actually only eating when I'm hungry rather than eating when I'm bored.. as we all should do anyway.. I have been able to get down to a healthier weight for my small boned 5'3" frame. I was extra proud of myself for making pretty good decisions during the Thanksgiving feast and Peyton's 1st birthday party at my parents' house. Since I also recently bought a nice New Years Eve looking dress while Christmas shopping with Mia two weeks ago, I told Michael that I wanted to have a photo shoot with him. Michael's mom and younger brother took pictures of us, using my phone and our Canon T2i, then Michael took some of just me while we were in Birmingham over the weekend. Taaadaaa:
 And a sweet little babe snoozing in the chair in front of the Gores' Christmas tree. Look at all those presents. "I want a Buzz Saw Louie!".. "No, I want a Buzz Saw Louie!".. "I want ten Buzz Saw Louies!!" 

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