Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pioneer Village Museum

Michael and I went to this place last May, but today I went with my parents, sister-in-law Jacquie, and her daughter, Peyton. Not much to say on this; today was more of me taking candid family shots rather than trying to get their attention. Peyton is almost 15 months now and has learned to walk on her own this month. However, she has also learned to say "up!" when she is tired of walking and wants to be carried. It is so cute to watch and I said she looks like a little bird. Possibly because of how skinny her wobbly legs looked in the tights and her cute face. I may have suddenly become overwhelmed with emotions while watching her eat a banana. Last month Michael and I began actively trying (and praying) to have a baby of our own.
 Don't worry PETA, these were not real eggs in the hen house. ^^ No hens present either.
 Inside the Overstreet home living room:
 I think it would be fun to go back during a festival when all of the volunteers are dressed up!
The double frame photos in the middle were taken by my dad on his iPhone 6 so I could post them on Instagram, hence the edits. The rest of the pictures were taken on our Canon T2i. PS- I think I created my new favorite outfit today. Thank you, Platos Closet. Also it should be remembered that I recently started training in Teletype (another area of 911) and am loving it so far!!

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  1. Wonderful people pictures, Rachel. But I also find the non-people pictures very interesting. It's like they take me back in time. Calm, and peaceful. Just wonderful. -D