Monday, August 6, 2012


How dare I be so behind on my blogging! Not even sure what my excuses are - not counting the days that I work, which includes the past 3 days. I have been keeping up with these two beautiful blogs, by a couple other girls you may know: Pinterest Princess (cousin Jessica) & Something That We Do (friend Lindsey). 

On Wednesday of last week, I mentioned that I wanted Michael to let me put a prosthetic on him. I said I wanted to do all the work, but have him walk me though each step. It took about an hour to complete (though it didn't seem that long) and I had the same "this looks terrible" attitude he usually does, but I suppose it was good for my first time. Then Friday while I was at work, Michael's new best friend (Chris, from Metropolis) came over and Michael did a full face prosthetic on him. I think it looks really good - and a little silly because of the facial expression. Michael took that photo since I was gone.
Also, here is a short zombie video that Michael did some make up for a few months ago! Never mind, Michael says its password protected because its not completely finished yet. I'll keep you posted!

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