Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sky Craft

Two weeks ago when I stopped by Gainesville on the way home from Tallahassee, Mia snuck a wonderful note into my purse, which I didn't find until I got back to Orlando. It was such a great surprise and a very sweet "best friend" note. Included was a poem that she wrote herself:

Roses are Red
the Sky is Blue
if I owned a Cloud
I would Fly to You
It became my own personal challenge to create a work of art (mainly through painting) for the poem. Although the finished product -not shown- didn't turn out how I hoped.. and now I have to decide if I want to redo it or just try to spruce it up.. above is a shot of the basic idea.
I got the new paintbrushes today - all for free!! That was pretty accidental, since the cashier and I were talking, neither of us realized that when she scanned the package, the bar code didn't read. And I didn't notice until after I got home.. Hmm, whoops!

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