Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oswalda Copplepot

If you remember the Instagram photo from Good Will around my birthday, you will know that Michael and I have been trying to do the Penguin prosthetic (from Batman Returns, 1995) since the beginning of June. Although he had to work today, he suggested we try it tonight. And it was a success!
(the Master at work - photo from the time lapse)
Michael sculpted this piece all by himself with clay over my cement life cast, then ran the foam and cooked it in a small oven. Nothing was store bought this time. I'm so proud of him!
This doesn't show off much of the female business suit type outfit we got at Good Will, but I love that hat which he purchased today from the party store!
What a babe! (Can you tell I've been using Crest White Strips?)

Michael already has another project in mind that I get to help with/ be the model for. I think that one might be all make up though, without using a prosthetic. There are a few things I will have to remember: how long it can take to finish the process. I got through 3 episodes of "Glee" tonight! And to have a area with clean air to run to when he has to use alcohol palettes & spray them onto my face.

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  1. Oh my! That is so .. uh .. well, disturbing. (Translated = fabulous work by Michael.) Sounds like Michael is branching out a bit more, learning more, practicing more, expanding his talents, and enlarging his portfolio. Well done (but still disturbing. Ha, ha.) Things a loving wife will do for her husband. -D