Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spirituality & Hope

I will admit, I have not really had any urge to take pictures within the past five weeks. At one point I began sewing together a travel journal for our trip to Los Angeles in November, but didn't like the pictures enough to show them off here. However, I have been working on something much more important ~ self improvement. After realizing that we only had five months until we moved (now only three and a half!), I absolutely knew that I had to take some drastic measures to ensure I do not start off yet another year with a negative mind and bad attitude, especially at the title page of our "new wonderful life" in LA. I'm not sure if the sun will always shine as bright as I imagine it will, but these past few weeks have greatly improved. Michael sometimes refuses to agree, simply because he doesn't want to jinx it, ha. I have begun reading (and taking notes from) Christian books about marriage and spirituality and hope*. And listening to Joyce Meyer seminars on CD help a lot too. As does praying. In fact, you can pray for me if you want!

Silly Engagement Photo By: Adea Kleinota and/or Andrew Prescott
Cocoa Beach, Florida - Fall 2010

I'm not sure how much longer I will be on my photography hiatus. Hopefully, no longer than another month- especially if my mom and I are spending a week in Atlanta with my cousin, Jessica and her kids. I have to take lots of pictures of them. That's not really an option. They are just too cute.

*Books I've Read:
Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married ~ by Gary Chapman
Spiritual Stuff You Can Get from High School Musical ~ by Steve Russo
90 Days in Heaven ~by Don Piper (I'm in the middle of this one!)

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  1. Cute picture! I love photos of couples being silly together! :)