Thursday, September 27, 2012


Well, good news ~ I sure didn't have any trouble taking lots of pictures today! Over 200 actually. Yesterday my mom came to stay with us again. (She was here towards the beginning of the month too.) We ran errands with Michael so she could see the artsy Sam Flax store I always talk about. I did really like that sparkly cupcake picture holder. I might have to go back and buy that.. or just try to make one myself. Then we had dinner with Michael at Bob's Potatoes then walked around half of Downtown Disney, stopped for ice cream at Dairy Queen and watch The Hunger Games.

Today, Michael had to work both jobs, so he couldn't come to Legoland with us, but it was a lot of fun. And although we were initially bummed that the park was only open today from 10am-5pm, it gave us the perfect amount of time to do everything! I didn't bring our Canon T2i, but I felt that this picture I took with my mom's point-and-shoot had enough depth of field to make it appropriate for my blog. Plus, I really need to get back into the habit. I'm all caught up with printing out pictures from our time during Full Sail, so its time to start documenting more memories!

**& Michael started his own GoreFX special make up effects blog! Check it out. 


  1. Nice photo, even for that camera. Glad to hear you had fun. -D

  2. I am out of the loop. What is legoland exactly? Do you just walk around and look at little scenes people made with their legos, or are there rides like a theme park?