Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lego Us!

These super cool Lego versions of Michael, Sasha and I will have to do for now since we haven't taken any real pictures together lately. I wanted to give a quick update about his 24th birthday:

We celebrated this past Wednesday since that was a day we both had off. I sure do love those days! We went to the mall where Michael got very excited to buy the movie Silent Hill for only six bucks. I feel like he does have some of my "Amish charm" in him and it makes me extra happy. The DVD had a lot of cool behind the scenes, that even I didn't mind watching- since its a creepy movie. We had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. (My body needed salad.) Then walked to a Halloween store to look at possibly getting me a Red Hiding Hood costume to wear to work on the 31st, although these days its hard not to find something extremely skimpy. I'm blanking on a 4-hour time period before we dressed up a little and had dinner at J. Alexander's. Michael mentioned wanting to see Hotel Transylvania, (which I hadn't seen a trailer for until right now to link it) but we were too late by the time we checked for showings. We saw Looper instead. It was interesting; Michael liked it a lot.

Yesterday (I still count it as Thursday) evening, I went to Miriam's house and we had a last minute photo shoot. I'll plan on posting a few of those for you this weekend. & I'm hoping to have a lot of wonderful family photos to show off in just over a week. My mom and I are going to visit my cousin Jessica in Atlanta and will get to spend time with her kids, Jordyn and James. Yippee!!

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  1. Good to see a recent post. Sounds like you two have stayed busy, especially when you get the time to spend together. -D