Friday, October 19, 2012

Atlanta, Pt. 2

The weather has been beautiful here this week. Its cool, but I don't need a sweater. Its pretty much perfect. I think Michael would enjoy it a lot too if he were here. Only this morning did I wake up wanting to spend all day snuggling under a blanket with my reindeer sweater! Yesterday was the photo shoot day, so of course I had a lot of fun. It was good getting the hang of the camera again, trying different angles and switching out lenses.
We ran errands to Kohl's and Sam's,  picked up Jordyn from pre-school, then James had Special Instruction/play therapy. I went for a walk with Jordyn during that, then we took these photos while James was taking a nap. However, he was quite the "sport" in the football photos once he woke up again. We took these pictures especially for our cousin, Greg, who graduated from IU/Indiana University, then bought James the shirt to match. However, it was too big on him until now!

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  1. Great pictures take great participants, and you certainly have them! Very nice. -D