Saturday, October 20, 2012

Atlanta, Pt. 3

Friday morning Jessica made us cinnamon waffles for breakfast - with a side of Airborne to drink. Very simple and quick. She just smashed (for lack of a better word) cinnamon rolls into the waffle iron. They were really good, something I will definitely try myself. However, Michael gave away our waffle iron soon after we got it for our wedding... I'll have to sneak in a new one during our big "what else do we need want" shopping trip once we move in to our loft in LA. Only 74 more daaaays!!
I wanted to also partially show off the cute Halloween jars Jessica decorated. And although you can barely see the plate, I liked those as well. I honestly do really like decorations. I saw so many at Target that I liked. But its the amount of space that they take up in bins the other 11 months of the years that keeps me from buying them. Plus, its not stuff that I need.
I need to pay off my student loans.
Just before 5pm we all drove to Lindsey's new apartment, but in separate cars. Not sure why we left at that time, since the Atlanta traffic added on an extra 45 minutes, but we got to see a lot of cool buildings! I was excited to finally meet her cat, Charkole. Or when Jordyn likes to use her full name: Charkole Princess Midnight. She was very skiddish, but sweet. Lindsey made us all a delicious dinner of rice with a thick chicken and broccoli soup.
Unfortunately, Jordyn kept coughing and crying from being sick all week (hence our Airborne every morning- sometimes twice a day) and Jessica's allergies caused her to have an asthma attack, so they had to leave early. But Lindsey and my mom and I watched a few episodes of Scrubs and had warm chocolate ship cookies for dessert before going to sleep.
I was fine when we went to sleep, but woke up in the middle of the night, adding two more blankets to keep me warm. Once I had my reindeer sweater and jeans on again, the brisk and slightly windy 65 degree weather made it feel like a "real" Christmas. I wish it felt that way in Orlando- or at least something similar, but no such luck yet. Sweaty every day. I did notice outside of Lindsey's balcony was a tree with leaves changing from yellow to orange and red. They are all still full and green at home, so I had to get pictures to remind me how much I enjoyed the weather this week!
The trip home was another good one that didn't seem as many hours as it really was, still I think the best part was the great laugh my mom and I shared as we drove into Butts County!


  1. I got some of the details about the rolls / waffles, but it's good to see a picture too.
    Interesting way to spell the cat's name. I like the red collar, but are those just for Georgia Bulldogs colors (black and red)?
    Cooler weather in Georgia and Florida lately. What temperatures do you expect in LA this time of year? -D

  2. Can you email me the original of Charkole?

    I spell it that way because I am an Art Teacher and she reminded me of drawing charkole which is spelled with a K instead of the cooking charcoal with the c, I thought it was clever :) and the collar is more because I like the colors red and black together, I'm not a Bulldogs fan but I did go to VSU whose colors are red and black and the school I work at now has the same colors so it works out pretty well!