Thursday, October 25, 2012

Play Date & Private Screening

Of all the days in the past two wonderfully cheerful months, yesterday may have been my favorite. Next year, one of the things on my long list of fun changes is to write down every favorite day or event on a piece of paper, put into a Mason Jar, then read that following New Years to remind us of the wonderful times we've had!

In the early afternoon hours (or as I like to call "the morning"), Michael and I got some important things done such as filling out paperwork at the complex office to let them know when we are moving. Then he filled up my tires with air, as well as put gas in my car. After he left for work, I spent a couple hours editing more of the Blood Widow behind the scenes video I began making a year ago. And by "editing" I simply mean watching clips to see which are my favorite. No editing actually occurred.

Before heading to Miriam's house, she sent me a last minute text asking "Do you want to bring Sasha?" My brain began to fill my frontal lobe with why that would be a bad idea. Thankfully, angels pushed positive reminders into my mind immediately after: "I'm not sure if her and Matilda will get along. Sasha barks a lot." The lady at VIP Pets said Sasha did a great job with the other dogs! "Plus I don't have any doggy bags in case she has to poop." True, but the complex has them all along the sidewalks! And you keep saying you want to try new things. Why not involve Sasha as well?

Sasha loved playing with Matilda (after the first couple minutes of aggression) and they had so much fun running around the back yard together! It was hard to get pictures of them running so fast, but these came out pretty well. You can tell which dog is younger, haha.
While I was there Miriam made dinner again. She cooked the broccoli and pesto noodles while Garth grilled the chicken. It was all very good. And to be honest, it did make me wish that I made dinners for Michael already. But something keeps telling me, "Nope, you can't start until January." I need to enjoy my last two months as a lazy girl. Once the New Year comes, I will magically be transformed into a responsible wife.
The main reason I went to Miriam's house last night was to watch Blood Widow. She had a lot of shots as an extra during the party scene, as well as a name credit at the end. Jeremy (the director) must have thought she was especially attractive and asked Andrew (the DP/ camera man) to keep panning to her! Matilda and Sasha watching their "Mommys" on TV!
Miriam's boyfriend, Garth, and his friend, Tom, also watched. Luckily, they didn't mind my commentary and just thought it was cool that I worked on it. They said the movie looked like something that would be on the Syfy Channel. And they liked all of Michael's special make up effects work in every death scene. Here is a recap of the incredibly fun Hipster Party, in June of last year!

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  1. I liked reading all of your details about the above photos. Sounds like y'all had lots of fun together. -D-Naples