Saturday, October 20, 2012

Copy Crafts

I will admit, my mom does have a cute sense of styling- mainly speaking about decorations at this point. Although I would not want so many, I feel like we barely have any at all. And I don't know if we will even have time to get a pumpkin!
I did like a frame I noticed this year, with a picture of my brother (Zach) and I one year. I'm guessing tenth grade for me? Dressed up as my second favorite female character, Hermione Granger. Following Dorothy Gale, of course. I don't have any young Halloween pictures of Michael, although I have seen a few, but I figured Michael modeling his first self-made Boba Fett outfit could be "celebration" enough. Not sure how long ago this was. Maybe he told me seventh grade? I didn't want to buy another picture frame and already got this colorful polygon one two months ago and hadn't filled it yet. Plus, the bat adds a festive touch!
I was also very proud of how my mom recently made a travel laundry bag out of a pillow case. She showed that off to me a couple days ago and I immediately knew I wanted one too! Normally I just use a plastic grocery bag, but hers was much more pretty and looked so simple. So I bought one today. However, Target did not have pillow cases. Or at least none that I found that weren't in a big pack with bedsheets, so I got a sham instead. It was a little more expensive ($10)- as Target is, but they have so many items that I love. Plus Michael and I don't care for the Wal-Mart nearest to us.
Apparently teal, gray, yellow and white are my new favorite colors? I hadn't even noticed that they matched the 23" x 18" Sham I bought today! Here you can see how it looks regular (all wrinkly). Even though I opened it in the store to see how big it was, I didn't realize that its not like a regular pillow case until I got home. So I had to spend a little time sewing the edges down with the right amount of distance from the fold so I could fit the blue shoe string in, which allows the sham/bag to close. I was less bummed about spending a whole ten dollars when I noticed that the sham had been folded inside a smaller 10" x 6" bag- with the same pattern.
It also has a lot of uses. You could put mail in there if it's raining, you can fit 2 DVDs, wrapped candy, troll dolls.. But I think I will bring that on vacations too and use it to carry my hygiene products: tooth brush and toothpaste, deodorant, retainers, tooth whitener, floss, chap stick.

My favorite use for the bigger sham (aside for why I made it) is as a sleeping bag for Sasha!!


  1. Yes, your Mom is very good at decorating for many special days during the year. And as you mention, you have to have some storage space for when your items are not out on display. Maybe you can collect photos of decorations, and place the photos around the apartment when wanted, but keep them in a small storage box when not needed.? I'm glad to see you taking a some time to work on a small project like shown above. Very creative. -D

  2. Cute! I love simple projects! :) I have to say, I LOL'd at you saying you could carry troll dolls in the little bag... that isn't something I would have thought of. :)