Saturday, March 8, 2014


On Thursday afternoon Jordyn had ballet about an hour after she hopped off the school bus. It was a rainy day, but Jessica got us to the studio with time to spare. Michael stayed at the house to watch Breaking Bad on his iPad while Jonathan did homework. Before ballet started, Jordyn got changed into her pink tights and leotard then ran back and forth in the lobby to show me her leaps. She looked at an old Nutcracker magazine and pointed out some dancers she knew. Jordyn was in the Nutcracker for the first time before Christmas last year. She played a super cute mouse and a beautiful young gypsy.
This day she pushed me over to her teacher before class started to be sure it was okay for me to sit in and take pictures of her. Jordyn sat on the opposite side of the room for most of the time, but I only had the standard lens, so I was unable to get pictures of only her. Having the extended zoom lens in a room full of little girls might have looked suspicious, especially for the other moms dropping their kids off a few minutes late.

Jordyn did really well and was quiet and paid attention as much as a five-and-a-half year old can for a whole hour. She did her stretches as far as her legs would stretch and was first in line for more leaps and (insert ballet terms here) back and forth across the room. She got a few blue stars on her chest for being such a good listener. Only during the free dance part did Jordyn run over to give me a hug and a kiss before spinning off again by the barre.
We had leftover pasta shells and tomato bread for dinner, then after some very dramatic goodbye tears from Jordyn, Michael drove us home. I liked that it didn't seem like a 3 hour drive on the way back, but it was still enough time for me to finished off the box of Thin Mints!

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