Friday, March 7, 2014

I love my Godsister

Jessica was quite the vision as she walked down the driveway to give us hugs when we pulled into her neighborhood on Wednesday. Dark skinny jeans, scarf, and intense black velvet high heels that she made look effortless. I hope one day I can be a hot mom too! ;) It's always really nice to see her and I spent a lot of time with her while we were growing up. I've always loved her personality- so happy and bubbly, and she laughs all the time. She seems to pep me up when I'm in a blah mood and brings more energy into the whole room.
March 6th, 2014 at top & October 18th, 2012 above. Somehow we looked older before.

Jessica is always able to find something fun for us to do. Yesterday she showed me her Cricut, a sort of printer for cutting shapes to make cards or banners. I picked the beach/ vacation themed set and made a tourist camera, island, a happy sun, a turtle and a smiling crab. She also had glitter that I painted over some of the papers. I really like how the gold sand turned out! Michael stayed upstairs when he could, watching Breaking Bad on his iPad. He came down at one point to see what I was doing, looked at my five handcrafted cards and said, "You're adorable."
For lunch I had leftover Quinoa crusted chicken that Jessica and her family had for dinner on Tuesday night. It was interesting, but Michael wouldn't try it. I would attempt to make it in the near future. We all shared a box of Tagalongs that day, but I need to make my own with vanilla wafers and a scoop of peanut butter dipped in chocolate. Why did I have to give up chocolate for Lent? Please note that "give up" should be in quotes since I had ordered a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints from Jordyn and I couldn't let those just sit around for the next 40 days. They were delish!


  1. I currently have a box of Thin Mints sitting next to me! (I am happy to announce though that I have only eaten the serving size each time I eat them). I think I am trying to eat less junk (Zach is always nagging me [especially now during lent] to give up junk food!) Idk I just love junk food but I know how bad it is for your body. I will say however that the other day I opted out of eating my serving size of Thin Mints and ate some green grapes instead! I think once I get rid of (aka eat) all of the junk food I have now I am going to try and start eating healthier and opting for healthy snacks, like fruits and whole wheat crackers and cheese. Also, I love how crafty both you and Jessica are! I haven't painted since that one weekend when I did 3 of them, but I'm hoping that when your parents are in B-Ham I can paint some more since that also happens to be my QA week (where we are back on a 8-4:30 shift for only a week). After QA week I go to work day shifts for my last 5 weeks of training {HOLY MOLEY is it really already almost the end of my training period at the Sheriff's Office? Time flies when you're having fun I guess! Anyways, I hope to hear from you soon! I feel like I am leaving you novels for comments! xoxoxo

    Jacquie S.I.L <3

  2. PS. you two do look older in the picture underneath! So weird!