Friday, May 9, 2014

Celebrate 3

On Wednesday (May 7th), Michael and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. Sometimes it seems like a lot longer, but I think that has to do with how quickly we got to know each other during Full Sail. We were boyfriend and girlfriend before we had even gone on our first date! Wednesday was a great day though, thanks to all of Michael's sweet "I love you"s the day before to get me out of my funk. I was working Tuesday and he stopped by to bring me my favorite Panera pastry, and a kiss. Plus he has been more responsible around the house lately! On our anniversary I spent the morning making the scrapbook page shown below and then walked the two miles from our apartment to Panera where we met for lunch. An hour later I walked home and took my time getting ready for our dinner date at J. Alexanders after Michael got home at 5pm. I was so happy that he dressed up really nice and even wore a tie! He looked so handsome and I made sure to tell him.
  At the restaurant the hostess told me she loved my dress (which I wore for Easter in California last year) and we were seated. Michael likes to order the chips with spinach and queso as an appetizer. I definitely helped him eat those- the sauce was so good!  For dinner Michael ordered the New York strip with macaroni and cheese and I had the grilled salmon with a side of orzo and wild rice! We also shared a bowl of creme brule for dessert. I ate about 60% of it. It was the best creme brule I've ever had. We talked about seeing a movie- either Divergent, Spider-Man 2 or Captain America 2, but we were both really tired. Michael went to sleep right when we got home and I walked loops around the neighborhood until it got dark then spent an hour looking up "minimalist" stuff on Pinterest.

  The night before Michael was working on something on our laptops that he wouldn't let me see. He put it on a flashdrive and told me to wait until morning. Technically I did as he asked since I waited until 12:30am! It was a lovely slideshow from pictures from the past year and a half, of all the fun times we had in California. He reminded me that even though we got into a decent amount of arguments during the time we have been married, it has also been a ton of fun! My "gift" was the pretty scrapbook page shown above but I think I gave him what he really wanted- me being in a good mood for our anniversary date, and I was.

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  1. Very nice picture of you two ready to go out. And I like the three fingers. -D