Friday, May 30, 2014

Hilton Head

A couple of weeks ago Michael and I went to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina with his parents and younger brother. Dr. Gore was there for a work conference, but they always stay extra days to make it a full vacation. Michael had talked about Hilton Head many times as we got to know each other, so for the past (almost) five years, I've wanted to go there. It was a lovely time with new lots of yummy new seafood restaurants, lounging on the chairs by the pool, Starbucks coffees, a fishing trip, a stray kitty that slept by the hammocks, walks on the beach at least once a day, dodging jellyfish, and riding bikes.

Of course I took over 300 pictures, but these are a few of my favorites:
One guy who worked at the hotel gave us two free Shutterfly coupons so I can make those nice 8x8 hardcover photo books (a $30 value) and only have to pay about three bucks for shipping!

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