Wednesday, June 18, 2014


If you're one of those people who just found my blog, loves it, then binge reads all of it in 3 days, then it will definitely seem like we just moved from California to Birmingham. And we're moving again!! Its actually become an expensive hobby of ours at this point. ;)
It has been official for a couple of weeks now to the point that it's fine to blog about. While I was in Gainesville for my brother's wedding, I was able to arrange an interview for the next day in Orlando. I'm applying to work at 911 again. It's what I do, and I enjoy it, and I'm good at it. Michael has a job secured for Halloween Horror Nights and Grinchmas at Universal again.
But I am definitely looking forward to all of the friendships in Orlando - Mia, Alana, Miriam, Sana, Jonathan, Alicia, Gabbie, and Julie when she takes seasonal time back at Disney. I love the girls I work with now, and will miss them dearly, but being close to my Orlando friends with their eagerness to workout is making me so anxious. How many more days until we move? Thirty-nine!
After my panel interview (which I passed! phew!) I stopped by Miriam's house to see her for a couple hours and meet her baby, Weston Arthur. He's the cute baby in the photo above. I love collaborating with Miriam about every fun task we need to do - crafts, cook outs, work outs, photo shoots, blogging - and help each other get it done. Individually, I feel like we can be so creative with 100 ideas, but always plan to do them later. It will be great setting deadlines/ goals and planning fun projects together that will keep our mind off of other things.


  1. *Ahem* you forgot to mention how close you will be to your brother and awesome sister in law and their soon to be baby (aka your niece or nephew ;)!!!!)

  2. im going to punch you in the throat. DONT MOVE.