Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wilder Wedding

Here are some more pictures from Zach and Jacquie's wedding ceremony today. I love, love, love that chapel and never even knew it was there although we had gone to the Methodist church with my dad a handful of times after high school. I didn't appreciate things back then like I do now. All the huge windows, perfectly manicured greenery and the beautiful wood structure. Give me a blow up mattress and I could live in that chapel!!
 While I was taking 500 pictures during the ceremony and quietly shuffling back and forth to get a wide variety of cool angles and shots, I made sure to pause and listen to the extra important things Russell mentioned in his speech and laugh at the personal jokes said in their vows. One of Jacquie's sisters (Nikki) was recording the whole thing on her phone. I'm glad she did since I wasn't planning on doing it myself. I was in charge of pictures.
 ^^ The whole gang! Left to right: me, Lindsey, Stan, Auntie Rochelle, Beth, 
Jacquie, Zach, my mom, Nikki, my dad, Aubrey, Grandpa, and Russell.^^ 
Once we all left the chapel, we went out to lunch at a new place in town called Jake's Bistro. They had a nice table set up for the twelve of us (Grandpa had to take a nap). The "kids" sat on one end while the parents sat on the other. We all called across the table at each other to share stories and ask questions about our past jobs and college experiences. I got a turkey bacon wrap with pineapple coleslaw. Mmm!
After lunch, my mom and I ran to Publix to pick up their two tiered marble cake (as well as goodies to celebrate my birthday on Saturday) then came back to decorate a bit. My dad helped me go through the 687 pictures I had taken to create a "best" folder so he could create a simple slideshow when everyone came back over to our house. The slideshow was a hit - so were the hamburgers and hotdogs that Daddy grilled. Although tiring yet exciting, it really was a very great and joyous day.

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  1. Hey look! That's me! <3 You did such an amazing jobs with the pictures. I am still in awe!