Friday, August 15, 2014

Everything is Awesome!!

Sometimes when I go back through my posts each month and there are so few, its often because we haven't been doing anything fun, or we work a lot and sleep the rest of the time. But lately it has been the opposite. I've been having so much fun that I haven't had time to blog. Also because I haven't used the Canon T2i in a while now that I have my handy dandy iPhone. Michael has very much enjoyed already having two weeks of work under his belt, doing prep work for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal. This top picture of Michael and I is from before we had dinner at YardHouse with his friend, Heather. She is super cool and nice, plus I love her Full Sail/punk fashion sense. The restaurant was awesome too with fantastic little appetizers like deviled eggs. I definitely want to eat there again.

Here are some more Instagram pictures to show what Michael and I have been up to lately:
 My parents drove down to visit for the day last Saturday. I ordered a shirt from and since there had been an ordeal with the account, they shipped a second shirt to apologize for the inconvenience. So now my mom and I can be twins while we both sponsor children in third-world countries. My parents treated us to lunch at Panera where my mom and I shared the uber delicious Chicken Sorrentina and Michael gave me the last part of his cinnamon roll. We drove to a really nice area with lots of stores and I found two new sports bras at Marshall's.
 The next day I drove to Clermont to go to church with my friend Alana and her husband, Cody. Its a church called Real Life and I enjoyed it a lot. It has the live band with lights and projectors that show pictures of clouds and the ocean while the music plays. The pastor was younger and energetic and he said something that I never thought of before: 52 weeks in a year, with one hour of church, only equals 52 hours of church per year. That's barely over two full days!! Cody said he wished Michael had come too, and so did I, but I don't want to push it. I know Michael likes to pray alone. After church I went to a little Farmer's Market with them. I always love the homemade soap vendors, but find it difficult to pay $4 per bar. A very interesting set up was Rent A Hen. The man said he owns a farm and you sponsor a free-range hen. He takes care of it, then you go pick up the eggs every couple of weeks. And you can visit your hen whenever you want to!! The article I just found says, "They rent the services of a hen for $2 a week, and are guaranteed six eggs per week per hen."
 On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week I made sure to be home when Michael got off from work so we could walk together around a lake (his suggestion!!) which is in a really nice neighborhood area- one of those places where its like its own little town within Orlando.  Its about a 3 mile walk and the pictures above are some of the views. I have been doing arm work outs on Pop Sugar Fitness, hence my aggressive flexing photo.  I've been eating healthier and drinking more milk too. Gotta build those strong bones!! The first day we walked around the lake, I saw that sign with the African girl on it. We took a picture so I could look up the organization when I got home. Its for Children of the Nations. One donation program they have is for Smile Packs, and that is something I plan to put together once I start getting paychecks again.
 I've been trying to get together with Miriam more often too, but sometimes our schedules conflict. We did meet up on Monday and walked two miles around a lake close to her house when it wasn't so hot outside. She was pushing her baby in the stroller and we were lucky to avoid the thunderstorm that passed by on the other side of the highway. When we got back to her house, Miriam made an amazing (yet quick and easy) meal of Cajun salmon with kale and white rice. Yesterday and Tuesday morning I drove to Alana's house again. We walked at a park by the "beach" the first time for two miles, using the Walk For A Dog app that donates money to animal shelters, but since it rained yesterday we played Wii Fit instead. Those are her two dogs, Scarlett and Oliver. When Scarlett's hair grows out, I'm going to take Dorothy and Toto pictures, but Alana can be Dorothy this time.

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