Monday, August 4, 2014

Flowers & Greens

I completely forgot about all the beautiful flower pictures that I took at the Alridge Gardens in Hoover before my friend Danielle arrived to meet me for her graduation pictures a few weeks ago. I only remembered about them when I used the nice camera to take a photo of this mini Polaroid of Michael and I today at Downtown Disney before it monsooned. I think both of us forgot how hot Orlando is, but I am still planning to start my health routine once I get hired at 911 again. I really need to get back in the groove of everything. However, with the current downtime, today I was able to write up inventory of my "super unnecessary amount of hygiene/ bath products". That is how I titled one of the boxes for our move! It included full size shampoo bottles, conditioner, body wash, face scrub and various bags including Crest white strips and many samples by mail, plus extra products I had taken from when we stayed in hotels. I still have aloe from when we went to the Bahamas for our Honeymoon three years ago!! *cough hoarder cough*

Anyway, about those nice garden photos ;)
Again, we agreed on not having cable in this new, small (perfectly sized) 850 sq ft Orlando apartment. We didn't have it in California either and because of that, Michael found a lot of cool shows that we were able to watch for free on Netflix instead. We've been watching more movies lately and I do enjoy that. Now we're watching Chamber of Secrets because it's the one Michael couldn't remember when he was trying to list the Harry Potter movies in order. 

 I showed Michael the statue picture and asked if he knew who it was. His response, "Father Julien?" (The priest who married us.) Ha, no! I told him it was Saint Francis of Assisi, in charge of all the animals. Then Michael asked, "Is he the saint of CiCi's pizza?" My goodness, I look forward to all the silly things our kids say in the future.

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