Thursday, August 7, 2014

iPhone & Instagram

For the past few months I swore up and down that I would not get an iPhone and that I could live with my old little Samsung Flight II for the rest of my life. But then I realized how unhelpful my phone was being when I was trying schedule interviews for my 911 job, leaving messages for people asking them to call me back, then my phone not ringing before chiming to let me know I had a missed call or even a voice mail without a missed call at all! It made me look very unprofessional. So Michael took me to Verizon and with some convincing from my dad, I got the white and gold iPhone 5S, instead of the Droid Mini I had previously been interested in that day. Here is a picture incase you have never seen an iPhone before! ;)
I signed up for unlimited talk and text, and 1 GB of data, with protection. The man said that 46% of iPhone users have a cracked screen. Nobody wants to see a picture of your baby on a shattered screen! We have Wifi at home, so I don't mind waiting until my phone connects to use the internet (for Instagram- the main reason I wanted a fancy phone) that way it doesn't use any extra data. I have enjoyed using my iPhone so far. The typos don't bother me as much as I thought they would. Auto correct does not like me using silly made up nicknames like "Shnooks" or being enthusiastic in the morning and trying to write "Helloooo Mommy-o's!"
These are the best Instagram pictures I have taken lately. Some I share on Facebook, some I don't. But here/ above are the 12 I have uploaded so far. And my captions (left-right) ~

1. First selfie with my iPhone!! #shunned // 2. Sleepy Sasha. #babeloos  // 3. I love all the time I have been able to spend with Miaskee lately!! Is this a dream? ☺️ #ubf // 4. Getting ready to watch Mary Poppins at Disney's Fort Wilderness resort. (for free) // 5. At the pioneer wagon snack bar! // 6. S'mores and hotdogs- delish!! 

7. Got my extra special shirts in the mail today!! Can't wait to model them on Saturday!! // 8. I love how she always runs to us when we come home. I told her to "cheese" and she turned her head. It must be her good side! #oohgirl  // 9. Just stopping to smell the flowers. It was windy and the bee was like, "buzzahhh!!" // 10. My dear friends for the next 4 days. ☕️ // 11. #tbt Super awesome tiny Amish house Michael made out of balsa wood for my 27th birthday in June. He is so talented!! // 12. Sheep!! Cute purchase from an Amish town in Middlefield, Ohio. May 2011

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