Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Year of Chip!

  I had another doctor appointment today and I thought it was just going to be a quick conversation with my doctor, but they did another ultrasound which made me so happy because I had really been wanting to see our Chippy again. Plus Michael said he originally wasn't going to come, but then yesterday he said he was! I told him that I was so happy how involved he wants to be in this process. He was already talking about wanting to throw a baby shower with his friends and my Orlando friends since the deck is basically done and will be completely finished before April or May.

  This ultrasound was done over my "stomach", so I was surprised when the pictures turned out as detailed as they did a month ago. Chip is 14 weeks and 3 days today (according to the last sonogram). I didn't think to ask if he was growing at the same rate, but the ultrasound nurse and my doctor didn't mention any different dates, so we're still aiming for July 2nd! I really liked when she would hold the wand thing in one place for a few seconds and we got to watch Chip "moving and grooving". Also we got to hear the heartbeat for a few seconds and it was even stronger than last time- 156 BPM!
  Luckily for now the bad dreams I was having last week have stopped and I even had a dream a few days ago that Michael and I were planning our vow renewal and decided that April 3rd would be a nice date to honor Shrimp. I have a new symptom that they say is normal, and hopefully it will force me to eat (or drink) more greens and go for walks on my days off. I walk around outside at work on my breaks, but that's only 30 minutes those days and I don't walk very fast. I need to kick it up!!

  Today they also took blood to check for my blood count, confirm my blood type, and any infections I could have. She said both of the ultrasound nurses did not mention anything about me having ovarian cysts like I did in March, but she says they could have gone away already once the placenta takes over around 12 weeks. We have our next appointment in two weeks and she said about 3 weeks after that, we can find out the gender. When looking at the pictures we noticed that there was a small appendage in the lower region that we were wondering if it was a "boy part" but after looking at it more, Michael thinks it's too high and might be part of the umbilical cord. Guess we'll find out next month!!

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