Thursday, January 19, 2017

It's a Baby!

   So.. we weren't really able to find out the gender today as planned. I painted this box yesterday in anticipation of buying our pink and purple, or light and dark blue balloons to release out of the box today for our "reveal" video and pictures. But the ultrasound nurse said Chip was in a weird position, so she wasn't able to get a good enough view to determine anything for sure.
  She tried for about 10 minutes without any luck. We did get to hear the heartbeat again and today it was 158 BPM. We also got the results back from my blood test yesterday that checked for diseases like HIV and Syphilis, which I was obviously negative for both.  The doctor did tell me that I do not have the immunity for chicken pox! She asked me if I have had chicken pox, and I told her that I got it when I was in third grade. She says I shouldn't have any issue unless I find myself around someone with chicken pox, which I haven't been since third grade when we all gave it to each other. She did say that I could get a booster/ immunity shot if needed.

   When we told our doctor that we weren't able to find out the gender, she talked to the sonogram nurse to see if she was busy/ when her next appointment was to see if we could try it again. They gave me a cup of cold water to drink to see if Chip would squirm around in just the right way. No real luck though. The nurse asked, "Do you want me to tell you which gender I'm leaning towards?" I immediately said, "YES!" So she told us. But again, nothing definite for me to go out buying cute baby outfits yet. Michael says that's good though because it will save us some money until then.

  Here are the best two sonograms we got today (from the first ultrasound), although for some reason they looked less detailed than the ones before. Chip was moving his or her arms around a lot today, which was especially great for me to see since I had taken the cough medicine three nights over the weekend. I don't like that it looks like Chip has a huge dent in the head, but it didn't look like that in the other "squishy-looking" sonogram pictures. Maybe Chip was making cranky faces because of all the poking we were doing, trying to get him or her to move into a different position.
  We got a surprise box at our front door a few days ago (the box I painted for the balloon reveal!) and opened these lovely gifts from one of Michael's aunts. I love the super soft blanket -can you see the little lamb on the corner of it?- and the elephant has a rattle in the middle with crinkly ears.
   Only 4 (million) more long weeks until our next appointment for the anatomy scan where they will definitely be able to tell us if Chip is a boy or girl. Then we can take our wonderful balloon pictures and I can make those cupcakes to take to work with colored icing in the middle. This morning before the appointment Michael told me, "I want to get cupcakes that are the color of the baby, so they'll be white!" After a second he did a big fake laugh because of his hilarious joke. ;)


  1. Stinks we have to wait for Chips gender reveal but it'll be awesome either way (#TeamBoy but maybe a girl lol). Blanket looks super soft and snuggly! Your husband is a funny man 😂! Starting with the dad jokes already 👍🏻! Love and miss you ❤

  2. I'm on #TeamBoy, so I was hoping for confirmation today. Of course, #TeamHealthy will be a winner too. Seems like the baby is growing steadily, and has a good heartbeat. Looking forward to the results of your next doctor appointment. Don't eat too much green food; I want a grandchild that can eat a cow, not graze like a cow! (That's my Dad joke. But it's not really a joke - I'm serious.) �� -D