Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pregnancy Twins

   Phew, I just got back from a 2 and 1/2 mile walk and I. AM. PUMPED!! That was the first "long" walk I had been on since the beginning of October when I was walking to lose weight before I got pregnant to get my "pre-pregnancy weight" down that way my 9 month weight would hopefully be five pounds less. We'll find out. Last I checked (on January 18th) I weighed 120 and I kind of don't want to weigh myself again until the day I go into labor, but I always look at the scale at the doctor's office even though that's always about 5 pounds heavier than our scale (but I have clothes and shoes on when I weigh myself there). Anyway, I feel super good after walking today and towards the end I noticed that if I sucked my abs in just a smidge, my breathing got lighter and I stood up straight.. hm.. so hopefully I can stick with this on all of my days off (although it's always more fun walking with a pal! Thank you Alana and Jackie!) like I said I would back in October, bragging to everyone that I would be super healthy during my pregnancy and eat salads every day. Ha, I've eaten maybe five? And they've all been from Panera. But hopefully the bragging I have done more recently about getting back to 105 by Christmas will really happen. That may be easier though since I'll have 5 1/2 months to lose the baby weight and then a little bit extra! #HotMommyDiaries

   Anyway, last weekend I went up to Gainesville, mainly for baby Helena's baptism, but the day before (Saturday) my pregnancy twin Lindsey came over and we took some cute pictures together. Funny how we are both 18 weeks now and still don't really look pregnant. We took a few pictures where we didn't have our hands around our stomachs (not pictured) and they just looked like regular friend photos. Mommy says I probably won't get that big anyway. But I've still got 5 months to go! Today is exactly 5 months until Chip's due date on July 2nd!
   Helena's baptism on Sunday was really nice too. I won't go into further detail about why we had to wait for two hours after church for the ceremony to begin.. but we did. It was interesting to see a different priest perform the baptism since it seemed a lot more detailed than last July when Peyton got baptized. I liked the one last week better. Helena's Godmother is one of Jacquie's friends from college, Amanda, and her fiance Matt is in the guy in the second picture next to her. I'm Peyton's Godmother but I sure don't remember getting my own special blessing like Amanda did. All of the pictures on this post are from my phone. Obviously the ones above were edited (via Instagram), but the ones below were not.
 Also during that weekend my mom and I ran to Ross and Burlington, as we usually do, and we got to play a fun game called "Do you think this is cute?" (Baby clothes version.) Apparently I am very picky because out of the two long rows of outfits, I maybe said yes to about seven of them. Mommy was very disappointed that I did not like all of the stuff she thought was cute, haha. I bought Chip another gender neutral pajama outfit (a pack with 4 long sleeve shirts) and also a gender specific outfit (it comes with a hat, shirt, footie pants, and onesie) going off of what the sonogram nurse "thiiinks it miiight be", but I'm keeping the receipt in case she was wrong. Since Alana asked a few days ago I wonder when we need to start our baby registry. I assume we'll do that sometime next month since my first baby shower will be in April! We've also got a cabin reserved for a week that month to celebrate our anniversary early. I figured I could hike more at 6 months than 7, although Michael texted me today checking that I wouldn't be "bed ridden" at that point! Oh my goodness..


  1. 150 days to go! -D

  2. Still so mad about the wait but thankful it all worked out and we got Father Bui who did a wonderful job instead of a priest who wasn't equipped to do it! We'll have to get you your own blessing next time you are up here! Still glad you got to come ❤! I can't believe Chips due date is less than 5 months away 😱! I'm still #TeamBoy but I'm thinking it will be a girl so I guess I'll just have to wait to find out but fingers crossed 🤞🏻! I need to work on my #HotMommyDiaries lol. I am and have been my pre pregnancy weight since Helena popped out (154) and it's staying stagnant. I'd like to get down to 135 which is apparently a nice goal weight for my height and everything. You won't be bed ridden- I was out chopping down trees and digging up shrubs at 37 weeks 😂! The trick is just to not push yourself and you'll be fine!