Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Squishy Baby Face

   Here is the "best" picture from our ultrasound last Thursday when Chip was 20 weeks and 4 days. 
   When it was slow in Teletype this morning I was texting Lindsey a lot and reading "Pregnancy for Dummies" since I have so many questions, mostly about going into labor and things that don't have a definite answer. So I'm just writing them all down so I can remember to answer them myself later on:
  • Will I have bleeding when my water breaks? I've read this can be normal and fine, but I might worry that something bad happened.
  • Where will I be when my water breaks? I made a note to start carrying a towel and change of clothes in my car after 35 weeks in case it happens while I'm at work. 
  • How many hours (or days!) will pass between when I get the first contraction to when Chip is born?
  • Will Chip actually be born around the due due date, or a week before or after?
   On the way to Disney a couple weekends ago, I was talking to Michael about all of the pictures I want him to take at the hospital in July. Even though the baby may look gross and slimey right when he or she is born, I told him I still want a picture of that. The first "real life" picture! 
   I told him, "I'll let you know when to get the camera ready. I'll squeeze your hand. 'This is it, Shnooks! This is the last push!!'"
   Then he quickly added, "And the nurses will be like 'Ma'am, you haven't even started crowning yet.'" Man, that made me bust out laughing, and then continue laughing for the next ten minutes. He's so good at that.
   Another funny thing he said (which he used super dry humor with so it actually sounds mean when you read it) was when he saw my stomach getting a little bigger and asked how often I use the expensive stretch mark oil that Tonia recommended. I don't use it that often (maybe 2 or 3x a week) since my stomach isn't getting very big yet. I guess he thinks it is, because he said, "Well, you should use it every day because if you get stretch marks I'll have to look at them forever."

   Here are the other good Disney pictures from Magic Kingdom. We didn't take as many there, but Michael made a silly video of my terrible driving on the Speedway track:
 A little boy playing "Beast" dancing with Belle, and us sharing a pineapple dole whip juice cup (since the super delicious pina colada machine kept messing up and we couldn't get one of those).
 ^^ After riding The Haunted Mansion. It was only a little bit "too creepy". And on the People Mover ride in Tomorrowland (below). We also rode Pirates of the Caribbean and did the Jungle Cruise. We left around 4pm after I suggested we could ride the monorail over to EPCOT for a few hours and then come back to Magic Kingdom for the firework show at 8pm, but Michael didn't want to do that. He ended up sleeping for 12 hours when we got home! He's been having to work extra hours lately since the students at VAMP are having to make up for time they missed in attempt to finish their final projects and graduate on Friday. Then the new group of students start on Monday.
   When we got to Disney that morning I told Michael, "She's excited to be here", since the baby kicked a few times once we drove up to the main entrance to pay for parking, and while on the tram to ride the monorail over. It's hard not to say "she" since both nurses have said that they "think it miiight be" a girl since the boy parts are easier to spot and they haven't seen any of that. We already have crib bedding picked out for a girl from Babies R Us that we both think is cute, but we'll have to keep things generic when we do the registry at Buy Buy Baby on Saturday!

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