Friday, February 10, 2017

My Treasure

   Yesterday morning before work (at 5:27am) I felt the first kicks!! About fifteen or twenty of them until 5:40 when I left for work. I am certain they are kicks because they were in the low uterus area compared to my stomach where it seemed like I felt the "bubbles" every once in a while. I also felt a few on the way to work, a few at work, and light ones when I laid down after I got home. It was so good to feel those, especially after crying again over the weekend, worrying that I was taking "too much" medicine because I got round two of the sinus cold (stuffy/runny nose and coughing). Although one of my doctors -and the Internet- said Sudaphed and Robitussen are safe to take during pregnancy, I have no way of knowing if Chip is being affected by it. I didn't take very much and Michael got mad at me for not taking medicine even when I was coughing so hard that it literally made me throw up on Sunday night. I ended up going home sick from work mid-morning that day because of coughing so hard that I couldn't stop gagging. My trainee (Kristen) was probably worried I was going to throw up on her! Luckily that didn't happen until I was home.
   Luckily by Monday I was about 90% over the cold and have been "basically fine" all week. I was exactly 19 weeks in the pictures above. ^^ Yesterday morning while driving to work, the song "Afraid" by Tenth Avenue North came on when I plugged in my phone (it automatically plays in alphabetical order).

When the world shakes / Feel my heart race
When the voices start again / Oh, the panic's creeping in
Who will I listen to / Fear never told the truth
I don't wanna be afraid / I don't wanna be afraid anymore
Not like before, oh / I'm safe in Your love, oh Lord

Forever be alive / With Your Kingdom, death will die
So I'll wait on You tonight / Worries only wasted time
This world cannot take my treasure / This world doesn't own my tears
My hope is alive in Heaven / I will not give into despair

   I started crying, but it was more of a happy crying, listening to these words I needed to hear as I felt like the kicks were Chip (and God) reassuring me that everything was fine and that Chip is still safe and healthy. But that's why I love getting ultrasounds done so much. Getting to see Chip growing and moving around. It was so interesting last month when they did two ultrasounds in one appointment because the first one Chip's head was on the right, then 20 minutes later, he/she had completely flipped and the head was on the left. I told the nurse it was so weird that I couldn't feel it, but she said is because Chip is still so small. Even at 19 weeks (this week) Chip is barely over half of a pound!!

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  1. You just do the best you can to stay healthy, and understand that God is taking care of Chip too. Happiness and optimism are my suggestions going forward. Be happy, smile, and laugh. And remember, happiness leads to healthiness, I believe. -D