Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Happenings of Month 4

    I still can't decide if I should tell people that I'm 4 months pregnant or 5 months pregnant. If I found out that I was pregnant at the end of October then that was my first month, so February would be Month 5. But considering I have 4 months and 1/2 months left, 9 1/2 months seems like too long. But then I was thinking, if we go by weeks and there are 40 weeks, averaging 4 weeks per month, then it does seem to add up to 10 months. So being that I am halfway through my pregnancy, saying that I am 5 months pregnant sounds right. Plus Kristen (my trainee) and I Googled which weeks count as which month after a girl who was 27 weeks pregnant went into labor at a Wendy's (or at least her friend had called 911 saying her water broke), Google says I would be be in my 5th month; for the 18th to 21st weeks. A few of the months end up lasting five weeks.

     Enough of that pregnancy math though.. Here is some stuff I/we have done recently:
On January 25th I texted Michael asking if he would be interested in going to some food trucks that sounded good in Winter Garden. (I saw the ad that Sana "liked" on Facebook.) When I walked through downtown Winter Garden in October with my cousin Lindsey, they had food trucks and trailers set up for local bands to play. That is where I assumed it would be, but I Googled the addresses and the food trucks were set up in three different neighborhoods. We went to the two areas closest to us and they were in very nice areas. I would love to live there but Michael guessed the houses cost at least $350,000. I hadn't been to a food truck place in almost five years and if you read the last line of that post you'll see why I may have waited so long, ha! This day was better.
  We walked around while he drank his orange ice cream float and I had a few bites of the alfredo mac and cheese before we went for a walk around the neighborhood. Michael talked a lot this night about how he was so stressed out about baby stuff. Mainly about so much of our immediate families coming to visit in August, a month after Chip is born. But I am very excited about it. And more recently he has said that he is stressed that I am putting so much stuff "on the calendar" that has to get done before July: like going to Disney this weekend ~ see, so stressful ;) But we will have more doctor appointments, Valentine's day, Aunt Paula visiting, Miriam's having a birthday party for her 3 year old, signing up and picking out items for the baby registry, the appointment for our taxes, touring the four day cares I found that look good, our anniversary trip in April (he is actually very excited about that because we're going to the mountains again), planning a baby shower at our house in May, and touring the hospital that Chip will be delivered at and fill out all my admission paperwork early.

   Yesterday I walked with Jackie again (Mia's neighbor when she still lived here. *Let's have a moment of silence about that.*) and we walked two loops around Lake Underhill, also walking to Market on South halfway through, which I thought was a fantastic idea on her part! I wore 1.5 pound weights around my wrists on the way there and switched them to my ankles on the way back. We also walked three miles together on January 27th ~ here is a picture from that morning:
   Before that I hadn't seen her since our Halloween party which I barely posted any pictures from (just a couple in my pregnancy announcement post). On January 24th I had walked with Alana, and somehow we went 4.87 miles!! We were both impressed with ourselves. She doesn't like having her picture taken as much anymore, so I took a picture of one of the beautiful Clermont views to remember instead:
  I made it one of my New Years Resolutions halfway through last month to hang out with Jackie and Alana at least once a month, and so far January and February have been a success! I saw Alana on Tuesday when we went to the movies to see La La Land and then I got donuts. Here is a picture of Sasha to make sure she doesn't feel forgotten in all of the baby talk. But she's a super good snuggler and I know she will still sleep in our bed when we have Chip. I'll just have to move her to the middle so I can jump out of bed more easily when I have to get up 5x each night.
  Michael has a new favorite restaurant: San Jose's which we had passed by two hundred times in the past two years. We went because they sent us a coupon in the mail and I suppose Michael likes their taco salad better than the other place that used to be one of his favorites (Azteca). I got the chicken quesadilla last time and that was really good. But if I am ever craving flautas, Chevy's is the place to go!! Here is a picture of us before going out to eat last week ~ my first real bump picture, without having to hold the top and bottom of my stomach to prove there is a baby in there!
   Strangely I don't look pregnant at all in the morning, although I'm fine with it because then hopefully it won't take that long to "get my body back". I also haven't gained any weight since the beginning of January, while still eating pizza and donuts and bagels. *Oh oh it's magic, you know.* Perhaps that is also because of the extra walking I have been doing to count my steps or miles. I was 119 the two times I weighed myself this week, but according to this pregnancy calculator, I am still within a healthy weight right now (I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow!!) for my height.

   A few days ago I made this handmade journal:
   It's probably the most "scrapbooking" I have done in a while, but I had a spark of creativity and had to run with it. Each page (which I ripped out of another journal) has the next week on it, from 19 weeks to 42 weeks, in case Chip wants to stay extra warm and cozy in there in July. Plus pages to write down a list of things to bring to the hospital, and all of the pictures I want Michael to take on the Canon while I'm in labor. I love looking at all those sweet pictures on Pinterest and somehow they all look so much more wonderful edited in black and white.
Other notes:
   I have not been taking naps for a while (except on the days I work I will usually sleep in my car for 20 minutes on our longer break, but I usually always do that any time I'm on day shift just because I wake up around 4:30am). I had two very detailed dreams on Friday morning and this morning. I tend to have these dreams after I am woken up by Michael getting ready for work. So once I go back to sleep from 6:30am to 8:30am, they get weird. I don't remember having dreams during the night. One was about bad stuff from work.. but luckily I had a nice one about Michael after that. This morning it was a weird one that I don't even know how to describe (we were being forced to do a bunch of challenges in elaborate costumes?) involving a few characters from The 100. My go-to for lunches at home have been consisting of chicken nuggets and garlic bread the past few weeks. Partly because it is cheap and partly because it sounds good!

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  1. Nice long post today, covering several enjoyable topics. Glad your friends are willing to take long walks with you. Less stress seems likely, as you & Michael are working every day to be more prepared for the baby, and you have a few more months to get ready. And y'all will start the excitement phase before July; it's just natural for parents. More love to share. -D