Monday, January 16, 2017


  I was able to enjoy another Weekend Extravaganza the past few days since we got tickets to see Wicked on Saturday (my Christmas present) and Michael said we could go to Disney yesterday. (We got free tickets at work because of the tragic event at Pulse nightclub in June.) Friday was also great because I was able to meet Michael for lunch at Panera. Then I watched Jim Gaffigan's latest stand up hour "Cinco" on Netflix. I didn't sleep very well that night due to my bad cough and moved to the blow up mattress in the baby room. But luckily Saturday night Michael called one of my doctors and was approved to get Robitussin for my cough and that helped a lot. I only took one of the 20mL "servings" although it said I could take it every six hours. I said a lot of prayers for Chip not to be affected at all by the medicine, but I also read last week that it was safe to use after 12 weeks (and I'm 16 weeks today!) Yay, strong growing babies! I used cough drops during the day when needed yesterday. Thank goodness I didn't get this cold two months ago.

  I made breakfast for Michael Saturday morning, then he hung out with his friend, and I stayed home until I got changed for Wicked. I wore my Wicked Witch of the East tights and brought my ruby slippers in the car (although in the original books and play, the shoes are silver), but only ended up wearing my black flats since the parking garage was further away from the theater than I thought it would be. We made great time and by the time we went through the bag check/ security area and I made one last bathroom break, we got our seats and the play started five minutes later. (During intermission I made a beeline for the restrooms again and I was the first one in, remembering it was like a Titanic stampede during intermission when I went with my cousin Abby in Indiana in 2008!)
   I was excited that it was as great as I was expecting. Michael said he liked a lot of the songs, especially "Defying Gravity" and "No Good Deed", and that he would see the whole thing again. So we've talked about taking Chip when he or she is about 8 or 9. There was a girl who I guessed to be about 4 or 5 who sat next to me and was asking her mom questions the whole time. I'd rather go when I can enjoy the show and explain stuff on the way home.

PS- I did a "survey" on Facebook today and most people think Chip will be a boy. (It was 7 votes girl to 12 votes boy.) We'll find out on Thursday!!  PSS- Happy Birthday, Dawson!! 

   Here are a few pictures of when I dressed up like Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the East) during Full Sail in December 2009 and Michael recorded me acting out/ lip-syncing to "No Good Deed" by Idina Menzel but I can't find it on YouTube anymore to attach the link. Oh well.. Nope! I found it! Here it is. You're welcome.  ;)


  1. Breakfast looks good. So glad y'all enjoyed the show. -D

  2. Zach and I watched that Jim Gaffigan Netflix special too! Wicked sounds amazing! Super glad you got to go!