Friday, June 9, 2017

It's Almost That Time!!

  I was reading some old posts from August about how I thought I was pregnant then, due to not ovulating. I've been wanting a baby super bad since the end of October 2015, and now here we are about to slice me open to take out this little rainbow baby! I've been told that a rainbow baby is the one that is born after a miscarriage. It's also interesting thinking about rainbows since the unfortunate Orlando Pulse shooting anniversary is also on Monday. I think the weekend will go by quickly too since it's my birthday on Sunday. The big 30, but we'll call it 28 since I said a long time ago that I wanted to be 28 when I have a baby, probably because that's the age my mom was when she had me! =)
   Bedrest photos with Sasha:
  Some updates (texts I sent to everyone) from the last few appointments this week:

Monday, June 5th ~  Another good appointment. We didn't even need to talk to Dr. Greves today, but he was upstairs doing other patient stuff. Emmy's doppler percentages were better than usual today, even though usually they're still good. Our sonogram tech, Melissa, says it's bad if they get up to 95% because then it means there's not enough blood flowing through the umbilical cord, but usually Emma is between 70 and 90 which is fine. Today she was 76% which is even better! Melissa also told us that even though she's measuring small she should still have all the development of a 36 week old baby. We got to see her opening and closing her eyes. Michael said that was too creepy!!

Yesterday I only felt her moving a couple times. I ended up massage/poking her last night because she wasn't moving a lot when I laid down to go to bed like she normally does. But she was moving a lot this morning during the ultrasound and Melissa said that she was doing really great with her "breathing practices" so let's hope she keeps it up and shows off her great breathing techniques for real next Monday and for the rest of her life!! Emma's hair looked longer too, "blowing around in the fluid". Gotta get those little flower headbands ready!

Wednesday, June 7th ~ We met Dr. Feld at the regular OB office. He came into the hospital while I was there one time, but I didn't really remember him since I always saw Jen Ivy as my OB. He is a nice man, but seemed to be in a little bit of a hurry as he never sat down, and got right into procedure instructions and questions. He will be the one delivering Emma. We didn't notice him smile at all, which was a change from having Jen Ivy who jokes around with us, but she was on vacation this week. Last week she said she hopes she gets a chance to see us again and meet Emma in the hospital.

Thursday, June 8th ~ More good news. The skeletal dysplasia panel came back already and that was negative!! It checked for 30 different type of skeletal diseases (the most common ones out of 100) including the fatal Thanaphoric Dwarfism that Dr. Greves thought she had a few weeks ago. As well as brittle bone disease, so she doesn't have either of those which is very, very good!! Because all of the tests are looking so good and the only issue that they know of right now is that she has IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction), Dr. Greaves is going to call Dr. Fleishman (the pediatric cardiologist) and see if it would benefit Emma's heart at all to stay in for another week. So he'll call me later today to see if her delivery is still on for the 12th, or if it would be the 15th or 19th instead.
  I mentioned a few posts ago that Michael put the bases in our cars last Sunday before Miriam came over to take our maternity pictures. My friend Lindsey gave us that mirror on the back headrest, that way Michael can see Emma while he's driving. We bought one for my car too, but the way my back headrests are positioned (plus they are attached to the seat), I wouldn't be able to see much of the mirror, so we'll probably exchange that one for something else.
   Today Michael met me for my Pre-Admission Testing. I felt bad that he came (even though I love when he comes to appointments with me) since he had to sit in the lobby most of the time. We were there for 2 hours, but got to watch Just Like Heaven on TV. I also learned that Michael has never seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite!! The appointment consisted of speaking to an insurance representative, then getting blood drawn, filling out a few papers, and being given a special chlorhexidine gluconate soap to use twice before coming in for the surgery on Monday morning. She also said I'm not allowed to wear make up or jewelry that day.
   We never got a call from Dr. Greves yesterday or anytime today, so we are assuming that Emma's birthday is still on schedule for Monday afternoon. Plus all the paperwork I filled out today said it was. If it wasn't, someone would have had to call me by now to set up a regular appointment for early that morning and another one on Thursday.
   I weighed exactly 134 pounds on our scale at home this morning. (Yesterday I think it said 138 on the old doctor scale. It's always more at the offices with my bulky clothes and shoes on.) So I've gained a total of 22 pounds during this pregnancy. I'll weigh myself again Monday morning and also the morning after I get home from the hospital, just to see how much "baby weight" I lost. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get back to my "before weight" by the end of July when I have to go back to work and am expected to fit into my uniform that consists of very baggy pants with a super tight waist..

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