Friday, June 9, 2017

What a Fun Life!! ♡❊♪♬

   For the past eight years since I met Michael, I have been more accustomed to a "fancy life", but since we have been married, every once in a while I look at our budget and income versus spending and it makes me sad, feeling less than super duper responsible. But at the same time I hear lyrics such as ~ "It's all the money that you're saving while the good life passes by".. which is good because I know we have had a really fun life and I have enjoyed so much of it. I've been getting a bit stressed and sad lately (but also staying pretty calm) seeing that we will really be living paycheck to paycheck now that we will have a precious baby that has to go to daycare three days a week (and us having to pay for it five days a week).

   We haven't been on too much of a budget lately due to wanting to squeeze all the fun dates that we can while we still have a little extra money. It will be a hard adjustment, not going out to eat anymore (we do that quite a bit), or buying things whenever we want. I wonder if it will be harder on my needy flesh since Michael became suspiciously good at hoarding his grocery money to pay for tattoos last year.. Our schedules at work are changing from 12 hour shifts to 10 hour shifts. Mine will start at 3am, which will also be a big adjustment, but I'm sure after a month or two we'll find our groove. Getting off in the middle of the day will allow me to pick Emma up from daycare, rather than Michael having to drop her off and pick her up. There will be a lot of changes going on in the next few months, but obviously it is all worth it to see that sweet new baby face. I'm sure each time we see her smile or hear her laugh, the stress of bills will melt away and we will give another sigh of thanks for her health, since that is the number one most important thing.

   Anyway, the Fun Life title is to share some of my favorite pictures during our time at Full Sail (July 2009- March 2011). This blog is loaded with fun life posts from the past five and a half years, and now it's getting even better! I like going back and having quick references of all the times I have been so happy. Smiles are contagious, even when they are my own. I also think a lot of the fun was due to meeting new people, sharing new experiences with Michael (including falling in love!) and seeing how his make up FX skills have progressed over the years. I loved being his guinea pig for new pieces, and being so creative with my hair and make up. I attempted to put these in order. =)
Filming our Biogenesis Halloween teaser trailer in October 2009:
Lighting lab after I gave a presentation on The Wizard of Oz in Public Speaking class:
 At Christopher and Meredith's wedding, January 2010:

 With Michael's grandparents (above), then back in Orlando I decided I wanted pet hamsters, and kept them for about five months. The tiny one is Pippin, the bigger one is Kovu:
February 2010: Tonia invited us to a free runway/ modeling class. They said my walk was too bouncy:
^^ Gasp, real models! Below is me directing a scene for our Digital Cinematography class.
March 2010, Photoshoots for fun and starting a small scrapbooking class at the library on Sundays:
May 2010 with cousins: 
June 2010, at home celebrating my 23rd birthday:

 Amish man photoshoot in make up class!
  Shown above is a view from our top floor hotel room in Fort Lauderdale. (Part of that "fancy life" provided by Michael's parents that I mentioned at the top. But it's all the strong grounded advice that I was taught by my parents for 20+ years that lets me know we will be living just fine over the next five years when money is really tight.)
   Filming short projects for another class, below. I starred in two that week since I always volunteered to be in front of the camera! This one was called "Monsters are People Too".
   Last night, like a few other nights we have had in the past couple of weeks, Michael and I laid down to go to sleep, but realized neither of us were that tired, and we ended up talking and laughing and snuggling for an hour. It's so great being with him and we both really enjoy this kind of time together. I was even thinking "this is better than a dinner date", plus it's free. I also really like when we go for walks together and hopefully we can start that up again once I recover enough after my C-section. I hope we still have enough time and energy for all of that with Emma at home. He has high expectations for all the "firsts" we will share with her, even this year while she's still small and won't remember anything. Ha! I guess that is what a blog is for ~ all the great memories!

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