Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Closet Conversion

  Let's see how much Michael has gotten done from his project list so far. The ones crossed out have been completed:

(1) converting Emma's closet into a changing area
(2) building and painting valances to go over the curtains
(3) Foxtail Cove hammock relaxation area outside
(4) decorating the dining room and building or buying a small cabinet
(5) painting the front door and adding a wreath
(6) staining the deck
(7) planting more/ better flowers in the front yard

  Well I sure feel like he has done a lot more than that lately.. *pondering emoji* And I'm pretty sure Project #2 will be finished this weekend since he already built the valances for our house, he just needs to paint and hang them. A couple weeks ago he got three finished for Lindsey, which I posted about. The rest of the projects will have to wait. Depending on how long Emma is in the NICU, he may have a few more weekends to get things done, but it might just be Project #7.
  ^^ Here is how her closet started off nice and junky on May 14th, a week after we got the last of what she "needed". The project was put on pause after May 18th when we got the grim news with the possibility that Emma would go straight to Heaven once she's born. But after things continued looking up over the next two weeks and we got our positivity groove back, Michael got back to work on the closet this past weekend.
  ^^ Almost done. This was before the finishing touches: getting a white 3-foot extension cord, hanging a bar for the clothes, and screwing the diaper basket to the wall. I was very glad that he kept an area for me to hang some of her clothes. What you see pictured are her newborn and 0-3 month pieces. The 3-6 month and 6-9 month outfits are in the closet. I need to wash everything this week, but we will probably also need to get a few preemie outfits (and diapers!) for her. We got enough Size 1 diapers from the baby shower to last a month!
  My mom got us that pretty woodlands bible verse canvas. So I am glad that he opened up that space since we didn't have any good wall space in the rest of her room to hang it. Also originally Michael was going to paint in the inside of the closet gray to match the rest of the room, but he kept it white because that is what I wanted. What a sweetie! =)
   Here's a silly panorama of her room we took in April after he got it decorated. On the far right over Michael's left shoulder is the window and then the heart garland. The closet is not shown. And here is the official Before and After:

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