Monday, June 25, 2012

Don't Step in a Poodle

I don't remember if I mentioned that on June 10th, on Michael's sweet way home from buying 25 blown up balloons to put around the house for my birthday (I wouldn't let him pop the big cupcake shaped one that is currently floating next to me), without noticing, his phone fell out of the pouch clipped on his belt and landed in a puddle outside. He didn't find it until 30 minutes later and even after drying, it wouldn't turn on. It has been raining so much lately, but it is hurricane season.. So the next day he bought an iPhone. Here are Michael's Instagram pictures that I have been meaning to post:

*please click the photos for larger versions! =)
The first four pictures are from when we went to the new mini golf course at CityWalk/ Universal on my birthday (two weeks ago)! We did the "Alien Invasion" half. There was a haunted house one too, but I told Michael I would prefer to do that one during the day. The fourth row is showing off the current project Michael is working on, which is related to the bottom left picture from Thursday last week. We were in Good Will trying to find a female version of the Penguin outfit for me. (From "Batman Returns", 1992.) Then tonight we had dinner again at Bob's Potatoes.

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