Monday, June 4, 2012

Lunch Day

This afternoon after Sana's MRI for her car accident pain, I picked her up from her apartment and we went to lunch at Toojay's Deli. I got the California wrap with a side of fruit and I liked that the wrap wasn't one of those where all the meat falls out the other side when you take a bite. The food was very yummy and since Michael was close by getting dental supplies for his projects, he stopped in and ate lunch with us. Hooray! Notice anything interesting about this menu photo?
Our plans after lunch were to go to the Leu Gardens because its free on the first Monday of every month, but we got there too late. It was 4:05pm when we pulled up and the last entry was at 4pm. That wouldn't have given us much time to walk around anyway, assuming they closed at 5pm, but that's okay since I'll get to go on Saturday. We went shooting again at the range by Full Sail so Sana could use the rest of her bullets. I got in my 5 shots in, all in the orange spots this time! I needed to stop by Wal-Mart for some vehicle cleaning supplies and bought some new colorful pillow cases for the pillows I use. (Michael doesn't like me messing with his gross 5 year old pillows.)
Sana and I stopped by Jeremiah's Italian Ice for dessert before ending our fun day. We both got Gelatis. She got strawberry Italian ice with vanilla ice cream and I got mint chocolate chip Italian ice with vanilla ice cream (although I asked for swirl).. It was still good and I would go again. I was quite surprised that such a tiny building still had a drive thru.

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  1. I see it! The "Rachel" for 8.99. Glad Michael had the opportunity to join you this time. I find it interesting that you are able to go to many new dining locations and try one or more menu items. And the occasional dessert. I can see how you are enjoying your adventures. Great idea! -D