Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tropic Thunder

I had to post pone the outdoor morning adventures Sana and I planned, due to the fact that I couldn't fall asleep last night. (I won't mention the plans until Wednesday evening of next week, after they have happened.) But it turned out for the best because I woke up at 2pm to the loudest thunder I can recall hearing. The rain was blowing sideways again, I'm sure. (Flower photo taken at the Brevard Zoo ~ I've been meaning to post it.)
A couple weeks ago Michael suggested we eat at a pizza place called Brick Oven because he agreed that my "trying new places to eat" was a good idea. Unfortunately that date never worked out (& I had been there before), but tonight did invite me out to dinner after he got home from work and we did try a new place he had been told about:
Bob's Potatoes. It was close by and the online menu looked good. When we got there though the whole place was empty, while the neon sign on the window said "Open". The two people working came from the back and only seemed to speak enough English necessary to take food orders. They had 7 different items that they could stuff into the potato. We got the chicken and bacon served inside a huge "egg" of hashbrowns on a bed of lettuce. The medium size could easily serve 3 people, so of course we have leftovers.

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  1. When you say Bob's Potatoes was "close by," do you mean close to home, or close to work? Chicken and bacon with "a few" hash browns would be a good treat. If I can't be with you, seeing the photos and reading your words is the next best thing. I really enjoy the photos. -D